Marie's Favorite Supplies to Stay Organized During the Admissions Season and Beyond

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

In today's fast paced world, parents and students have a lot to manage. With varying schedule demands, it can be tricky to keep it all organized. As you prepare for the admissions season, it is critical to remain organized to avoid missing meetings or deadlines. Below are some of my favorite items that I personally use to keep myself and clients organized during the busy admissions season and beyond. When we work together, I learn more about your organizational habits and help you set up a system that works for you.


Large Desk Calendar: I hang mine up behind my monitor on the wall for visibility! You can also put it on your desk so that you can add to it, quickly. You'll want to add major events here - Tests, sporting events, projects, family events just so that you keep your child's/family schedule in mind as your schedule school visits. Once scheduled, add them to the calendar too!

* Whiteboards are also an option if you prefer jotting down reminders as opposed to a calendar. PRO TIP: Hang it somewhere visible so everyone sees it!


Tab/Tape Flags

  • These things are so nifty because you can add them to your planner, notebook or books if you want something to stand out or to create a new notebook section.


Home Filing System: You want to make sure you have one central place where you can easily drop and access notes that you may have written about a school or marketing materials that you can review at a later time.

You'll need these supplies to keep your systems tidy

Label Makers: You can use a label maker for anything in your home, but its very helpful for a streamlined look on folders that you just bought for your home filing system!


Pencils: My personal favorite are mechanical pencils

Pens: Preferred pens is a debatable topic, lol, but here are a few of my favorites.

Fun slim colorful felt tip markers here. I annotate my books when reading a lot so the bright colors and thin tips are very helpful.

Markers: I always find myself using markers or sharpies at the most random times. Trust me, you need them!

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