This Week: Free Resume Review

Last night, as I read the emergency alert reminding us of the 8 PM curfew and listened to the background noise of sirens, I reflected on how to give back in a personal way - beyond donations and protests.

In addition to K-12 admissions, I work in university recruitment within the fintech industry as an early career talent partner. I am consistently trying to build pipelines that include people of color. Much like a school application or interview, your resume is your first impression to many companies.

In the interest of time, most recruiters devote 30 seconds or less skimming your resume for keywords. They have to ensure that you fit the role's profile. Now, imagine how quickly Black and brown students, who may very well be qualified for the role, are being rejected because they haven't been afford access to certain resources or weren't able to attend a particular school due to a lack of opportunities.

You are combating finite time and a recruiter's unconscious biases, and because of this, presentation and resume content mean that much more for Black and brown students and professionals. Let's make sure your resume helps you to stand out in a positive way. Your success is a form of protest.

If you have a son, daughter, sibling, niece or nephew that may be applying for their first internship or job in the near future, please feel free to email me at Be sure to attach your resume and I will follow up from there!

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