Why I Created The Lorraine Method

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Hi, friends! My name is Marie and I am the founder of The Lorraine Method, an educational consultancy that provides interview preparation and application support for families applying to independent schools. A little about me - I am originally from Laurelton, Queens. My family valued education and proactively sought opportunities that would ensure my academic advancement. During the fifth grade, I applied for Prep for Prep, a leadership development program that offers promising students of color access to a private school education. It was an academically challenging environment where I was surrounded by talented kids that looked like me - Prep ensured that we walked into our private schools over-prepared, often knowing material two grade levels ahead of our classmates. I didn't realize the value of this until I actually started attending my private school.

After successfully completing Prep for Prep, I was recruited from my public school to attend The Hewitt School, an all-girls independent school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I made awesome friends and was consistently supported by my teachers and administration. I attended Hewitt through twelfth grade and matriculated to Haverford College where I majored in Anthropology. After graduating, I began a career in HR, where a large portion of my responsibilities included advising management and employees on the administration of HR policies and procedures. I learned my strength as a collaborative and strategic thinker that enjoyed talking people through their decision-making process. A few years later, I decided to move back to New York, so I returned to work in admissions at my alma mater. Providing sound direction has been a common thread in all of my roles including my time at Hewitt, followed by a tech start-up, the DOE, and my current role as an early career talent partner at an investment firm in SoHo.

At Hewitt, I served as a leader within the admissions team as the Associate Director of Middle and Upper School Admissions. I spearheaded outreach to prospective families as well as leveraged external relationships with community based organizations and schools for applicants in grades five through eleven. During my tenure, I achieved the highest middle and upper school enrollment in the history of The Hewitt School. I also successfully launched an outreach initiative and partnered with the Director of Diversity & Inclusivity to cultivate sustainable relationships with targeted organizations. I focused on objectives like increasing the presence of families of color that would further increase the ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic diversity within the school community. I LOVED what I did because I met all types of families and enjoyed having a voice in shaping the direction of the middle and upper school divisions.

My experience as a Black woman who has both attended and worked as an administrator within an independent school propelled my decision to launch The Lorraine Method. While I met many amazing families, the reality was that so many wonderful children and parents struggled during their conversations with me. I could easily spot the students who just couldn’t shake their nerves, the parents who didn't get along very well, and those who didn't take the time to simply prepare for the interview. All these factors play a significant part in how admissions offices accept or reject your application given the competitive landscape. I realize that could have easily been me had I not had a support system like Prep for Prep walking me through the importance of a school visit. I think about both students and parents who have done all the legwork to prepare a wonderful application packet, but simply have no idea what to expect once they show up for their interview. I decided to start my business because I want to be a part of the solution of leveling the playing field. I believe that every family should have the option to experience the unique benefits of an independent school education. This process can be intimidating and I hope to empower families to articulate their wants, needs and the positive impact they can make on a school community. Trust me, you got this!

I look forward to having an opportunity to get to know you and your child(ren). Please take the time to learn more about us by visiting our website here. You can also subscribe for updates below.

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