In your school, PTA, or other organization, do families demand better school admissions support and resources – but you don’t have the time, expertise, or resources to provide it?

Are you looking for an affordable, proven solution, without sacrificing expertise?

Look no further. We have conducted dozens of workshops and provided school admissions programming for hundreds of families in schools, PTAs/Parents Associations (PAs), non-profit organizations, and corporations.*

NYC Admissions Solutions’ Maurice Frumkin is a frequent speaker and lecturer at middle schools and other organizations across NYC. He has supported a variety of schools with their high school placement efforts, including public, independent, and charter schools, as well as the NYC Department of Education.

Organizations served include:

  • Schools: Public, Private/Independent, Charter, Parochial

  • PTAs or Parent Associations

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Corporations

We will customize a program based on the needs of YOUR community. Common services include:

  • Information sessions

  • Large or small group workshops

  • Workshop Series

  • Customized family guidance & support

Program benefits include:

  • Your families (and school guidance office!) can have far greater levels of satisfaction & peace of mind

  • Can be delivered to large numbers of families

  • Supplemental expertise on demand

  • Can help improve school placement outcomes

  • Can fortify your retention and school marketing efforts

Our Process


  • Student’s educational history, talents, extracurricular activities, and goals

  • Family profile

  • Student essays and parent statements

  • Admission decisions and discuss options


  • Nuances and expectations of the admission process

  • Financial aid options

  • Interview tips


  • Appropriate school options in public, independent private and religiously affiliated schools

  • Summer placement programs, further testing and ERB/SSAT/SAT1/SAT2 and/ or therapeutic support


  • Personalized admission and testing timeline

  • Consultations in person and/or by phone, video/audio conferencing, email

  • School visit schedule (international students)

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